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"Jacqueline Neimat— A Soprano that touched my very soul!"


Mohamad Chatah
Former Lebanese Financial Minister & Ambassador to the United States 

"She warms our hearts and make us feel we are close to her "high art""


Guy Gargour

Neurosurgery Specialist 

"During the 25 years in which I presented programs at the Theatre at Washington  Virginia, I scheduled several concerts by the lovely soprano Jacqueline Neimat.  Mostly she would sing well-loved arias from opera but at other times she would entertain with music from Broadway.  No matter the selections from her great repertoire, and no matter whether she is singing in English or in a foreign language, she is invariably word and pitch perfect.  Her glamorous, and totally professional, stage presence complement a truly beautiful voice."

Wendy Weinberg 

Producer of Performance Series, The Theater 

"I've heard Jacqueline perform for more than two decades. In an ever-changing world, the enchantment of Jackie’s voice remains constant. I've heard Jackie sing in concert halls for 1,000 and at a pool party for friends and never has she failed to touch her audience. Her performances have ranged from pure opera solos and duets to programs that combine opera, operetta, and classical songs in Italian, French, Spanish, Czech, German, and English and popular Broadway and jazz selections. Jackie combines classic beauty, charisma, and talent into performances that make every evening with her a pleasure. Her soul is that of a soprano ... and her voice soars to share it with us all."


James W. Morentz, Ph.D.

"Wow… what a phenomenal performance at Strathmore Concert Hall, April 17th, for the benefit of opioid awareness… Your singing of Gershwin Summertime was a performance to remember… the audience and musicians were in awe of the magnificent sound of your beautiful soprano voice and beautiful lyric phrasing.. whenever i think of Summertime I’m transported back to that beautiful evening at Strathmore."
H David Meyers
Principal Oboe

"Jacqueline Neimat, has a rich beautiful timber and mastery of voice enabling her to express a rainbow of emotions."
Rhoda Septilici
Diplomatic Liaison & Advisory Board Member For Many DC based & International Nonprofits Supporting The Arts & Charities

"Jackie Neimat’ s Performances Takes Listeners On A Remarkable Journey….With Every Song She Sings!"

Donna Limerick
Executive Producer
North Star Productions Inc

"I’ve enjoyed the privilege of attending Jacqueline Neimat’s performances in a wide array of venues, from the intimate Theater at Little Washington in Virginia to Washington, DC’s historic Anderson House to Maryland’s prestigious Strathmore Hall. Her beautiful, soaring voiced is matched by her remarkable ability to connect with, and touch, audiences in all of these diverse settings."

Princess Nancy Morentz

"Jackie’s powerful presence and range of music is Inspiring. I have always left a performance with feelings of joy."

Rita Minsky
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